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The hanging meat reefer container is equipped with hooks in the ceiling of the reefer and therefore perfectly suited for transport of hanging meat. The reefer can also be used for traditional transport of 33 euro pallets, thus reducing the need for empty backhauls. This reefer is available in a diesel-electric and electric version. The container is completely custommade, depending on what your demands are for transportation. Therefor a standard brochure is not available for this reefer.

Considering the more strict food and pharma safety regulations, controlling the transport of perishable goods and pharmaceuticals has become more important than ever.

The advantages of this 45ft meat reefer:

  • Transport hanging meat in perfect conditions
  • Can also be loaded with 33-euro pallets
  • Available as a diesel electric version for rail transport

This reefer unit has sufficient cargo capacity to handle 33 euro-pallets. This ingeniously designed lightweight container is constructed using an ideal combination of aluminum and high-strength steel. Not only does this reefer unit require a lower investment than reefer trailers, it is also durable and requires little maintenance. A built-in cooling system that saves cargo space has been developed and can be supplied under a service contract and a track and trace system. These systems combine maximum cooling capacity with excellent energy-economy.

UNIT45 gives you the security that your load can be monitored at all times during transportation by offering you an optional track- and trace system on all our reefers. This way, you can check the location of your cargo at all times.

UNIT 45 uses only the best cooling units for its reefers, giving the least damaging emissions. Using high-quality foam in the walls of the reefer prevents loss of temperature within the reefer. On many routes, substantial savings can be made by switching from pure road trailer operations to intermodal or shortsea container alternatives.

UNIT45 design is constantly revised to take account of new technology, materials and environment as they become available and proven in service. All our 45ft reefers are painted with self-cleaning waterborne paint.

Our 45ft reefers can be bought, rented or leased for a certain period. When you send us your enquiry a suitable offer will be made for you. After your acceptance of the offer, the order process is started. Depending on your order, the 45ft reefers are especially made in your corporate identity colors and/or decals or directly available from stock in case you wish to rent/lease or buy our containers. After signature of the contract or payment in case of purchase, the reefers are released at the depot Rotterdam, depending on availability.

The reefer is finished on the inside with a flat aluminum floor, with the layout of the cargo security system being entirely to the customer's specifications.

Our 45ft reefers are all suitable for intermodal transport of conditioned cargo on rail, road and sea.

In case you require more information please fill out our contact form or simply send an email to


External dimensions
  • Length: 13,716 mm
  • Width: 2,556 mm
  • Height: 2,896 mm
Internal dimensions
  • Length: 13,303 mm
  • Width: 2,438 mm
  • Height: 2,575 mm
  • Cubic capacity: 83,1
  • Euro pallet: 33
  • ISO pallet: 26
  • Gross weight: 34,000 kgs
  • Tarra weight: 7,130 kgs
  • Max Payload: 26,490 kgs