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Are you looking for high-quality special containers that meet all your transport needs? We at UNIT45 we offer a wide range of the highest quality specialty containers designed to meet the requirements of various industries.
UNIT45 stands for innovation. Next to developing 45ft containers, UNIT45 is constantly working on innovations and development of new products for the current demand in the logistic market. On request of clients no development is to complicated or impossible for UNIT45. All our containers can be modified to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you are looking for refrigerated containers, containers for car transport or another type of special container, UNIT45 is the right place for you.

Our special containers

Our refrigerated containers are perfect for the safe and controlled transport of temperature-sensitive goods. With advanced refrigeration technology, our containers ensure that your cargo remains in ideal conditions, regardless of the outside temperature.
Nice examples of UNIT45's innovations are the 40ft Vucaframe and the modular grandstand available in 20ft and 40ft. 

The Vucaframe offers suppliers the possibility to transport cars in the most sufficient and safe possible way. This system can transport 2,3 or 4 cars simultaneously in its transport frame. It makes efficient use of the existing worldwide container network. The open sides give the driver easy access into the frame. The frame is equipped with rotating top bars for car access to driving deck while the perforated driving lanes enable securing off cars with lashings. The frame is suitable for both low and high volume distribution. It reduces the logistic chain costs and handling of cars which leads to low risk of damage. 

The modular grandstand, available in various models, offers event-organizers and football clubs covered seating’s for their visitors or spectators. This system is compatible with the container infrastructure. The 40ft standard grandstand container has 66 covered seats and can be extended as well in length as in height. Height can be extended up to 3 levels. This gives unknown possibilities for creating a complete stadium! The modular grandstand gives the advantage that no high investments are needed and the capacity can easily be extended, all this with an appealing rent rate per month. Furthermore with the solid construction a long lifetime can be achieved.

Why choose UNIT45?

1. Quality and Sustainability: At UNIT45 we strive for excellence in quality and sustainability. Our special containers are manufactured to the highest industry standards and can withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring your goods are transported safely.

2. Flexibility and Customization: We understand that every load is unique and has specific requirements. That is why we offer flexible solutions and customized options to meet your individual needs. Our experienced team is ready to advise you and provide the perfect special container solution for your transport challenges.

Purchase, rent or lease our 45ft containers

Our specials can be bought, rented or leased for a certain period. When you send us your enquiry a suitable offer will be made for you. After your acceptance of the offer, the order process is started. Depending on your order, the containers are especially made in your corporate identity colors and/or decals or directly available from stock in case you wish to rent/lease or buy our containers. After signature of the contract or payment in case of purchase, the containers will be available in Rotterdam, depending on availability. 

Contact UNIT45 today

UNIT45 is always prepared to find a solution for any problem clients encounter in the transport and logistics industry. We are committed to providing high quality specialty containers and excellent service to our customers. Our expertise and experience make us the ideal partner for all your container needs. 

Contact us today using our online contact form or call us at the phone number below.

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