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For those who require something special, UNIT45 develops container designs perfectly tailored to customer needs. A classic example of UNIT45’s skills is the 45ft diesel-electric pallet wide refrigerated container developed for Flora Holland and available to customers Europe-wide.

For Flora Holland, the unit is 3.08m in height, enabling it to accommodate the special roll cages that it uses to transport flowers and plants (CC). However, it can also be built to the standard 45ft high-cube height or 2.95m height.

Flora Holland has proven the effectiveness of UNIT45’s diesel-electric reefer containers, both its own 3.08m high units and 2.95m high boxes from UNIT45’s leasing division, in rail operations between the Netherlands and other European countries including Italy, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Switzerland. While the initial focus was on plants and flowers, other fresh products are now being carried.

The advantages of the 45ft flora reefer:

  • Long distance temperature control
  • Conditioned transport of flowers and plants
  • Compatible with 40ft infrastructure
  • Optional advanced track- and trace system

Watch the movie Green Rail Challenge in cooperation with Flora Holland GreenRailChallenge 

This reefer unit has sufficient cargo capacity to handle 33 euro-pallets. This ingeniously designed lightweight container is constructed using an ideal combination of aluminum and high-strength steel. Not only does this reefer unit require a lower investment than reefer trailers, it is also durable and requires little maintenance. A built-in cooling system that saves cargo space has been developed and can be supplied under a service contract and a track and trace system. These systems combine maximum cooling capacity with excellent energy-economy.

An optional extra selected by Flora Holland is a GPS/GPRS system, providing real-time information on the container’s location and temperature conditions.

Our 45ft reefers can be bought, rented or leased for a certain period. When you send us your enquiry a suitable offer will be made for you. After your acceptance of the offer, the order process is started. Depending on your order, the 45ft reefers are made in your corporate identity colors and/or decals or directly available from stock in case you wish to rent/lease or buy our containers. After signature of the contract or payment in case of purchase, the reefers are released at the depot Rotterdam, depending on availability.

Our 45ft reefers feature aluminum flat floors and are equipped with 4 cargo safety bars. The flora reefer is available as a diesel electric and an all-electric reefer. The reefers are also suitable for transport by sea on ro-ro and lo-lo vessels when it can utilize standard shipboard reefer plugs as a power source.


External dimensions
  • Length: 13,716 mm
  • Width: 2,600 mm
  • Height: 3,080 mm
Internal dimensions
  • Length: 13,290 mm
  • Width: 2,498 mm
  • Height: 2,759 mm
  • Cubic capacity: 91
  • Euro pallet: 33
  • ISO pallet: 26
  • Gross weight: 34,000 kgs
  • Tarra weight: 7,340 kgs
  • Max Payload: 26,660 kgs