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Cookie policy from UNIT45
Version: June 27, 2018

UNIT45 uses different techniques on the website, including cookies. Our website uses cookies to constantly improve the experience for our visitors but also to guarantee their privacy to the best of our ability. Below you can read more about the use of our techniques.

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Functional cookies

This concerns cookies that are necessary for the website in order to function correctly.

Session cookie - PHPSESSID

The session cookie stores information about the website visit. This mainly concerns memorizing certain choices that you made on the website.

Cookie notification - user_accepted_cookies

Using the notification cookie, we can check whether you have seen the cookie message as a visitor.

Cookie notification - framework_cookies_type

When you select your cookie preferences when you visit our website, we store that data so that we know which cookies we can use during your visit to the website.

Cookie notification - framework_cookies_date

In addition, we save the date when we placed the cookies on your computer.

Analytical cookies

In order to constantly improve our website and gain insight into the number of visitors, we use analytical cookies.

Google Analytics - utma, utmb, utmc, utmt, utmz, ga, gat, gid (combination of)

This Google Analytics cookie is used to collect analytical data about website visits. This data is collected anonymously.

Tracking cookies

These cookies are used to provide more personal content and support on our website and/or to show relevant ads outside of our website.

Webshop tracker - Webshop_profile

With this cookie we are able to improve our website due to improved insights in visitors' behavior. 

Third Party Cookies

Our website makes use of services that are provided by third parties. Here you can find an overview of the cookies that are placed by these third parties

HotJar - _hjIncludedInSample

HotJar is used for qualitative research among visitors and to gain insights from this research.

Commercial Cookies

Commercial cookies are used to track conversion.

LinkedIn - BizoID, BizoUserMatchHistory, UserMatchHistory, bcookie, lang, lidc, _lipt, li_oatml, liap, org_tcphc, sdsc

Measure conversion and provide targeted offers on websites of third parties. This anonymous data is used to determine the value of such offers and provide the offers through a centralized database.

Removing/disabling cookies

It is possible to disable our cookies and other techniques in the browser, please know that our website may no longer work optimally. How to disable this can be found here: