Depending on the application, there are various solutions for achieving optimum intermodal transport. Shortsea shipping for instance demands a strong watertight construction, while some distribution on the other hand benefits from a box that can be loaded from the side.

UNIT45 offers a complete range of products for the various applications. The current and future conceptions have in principle been patented for own use. That their containers should have special coatings of paint, ingeniously positioned stickers prescribed by law, structural modifications that ensure a longer life, galvanised components and designs that incorporate customer colours is something that UNIT45 considers self-evident.

Dry Units

Our 9ft 6in high palletwide dry freight container offers the highest cubic capacity and payload of any standard 45ft container design.

Curtainsided Units

This curtainsided unit, which can be loaded from the side, now opens up an unconventional segment of road haulage and close-meshed distribution to containers.

Reefer Units

The reefer is finished on the inside with a flat aluminium floor, with the layout of the cargo security system being entirely to the customer's specifications.

UNIT45 Specials

Besides the 'standard' 45ft-container selection UNIT45 also offers tailor made containers.


UNIT45 stands for innovation. Next to developing 45ft containers, UNIT45 is constantly working on innovations and development of new products for the current demand in the logistic market.


UNIT48 (a subsidiary of UNIT45) offers a standard range of containers, including dry units, all-electric, diesel-electric reefers and curtain-sided units especially for the Australian market!


UNIT53 (a sister company of UNIT45) offers a standard range of containers including the dry unit and diesel electric reefer especially for the US market.