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The double doors container is perfectly suited for transport of carpet rolls. Access to the container form both sides makes it possible to easily load and unload the rolls in and out of the container. This unit is also suited to transport 33 euro pallets (26 UK pallets) like the standard 45ft dry container.

The advantages of the double door container:

-        Suitable for transport of long goods 

-        Easy access on both sides of the container

-        Compatible with 40ft infrastructure

-        Sustainable and environmentally friendly

UNIT45’s pallet wide dry freight container offers the highest cubic capacity and payload of any standard 45ft container design. By using special high-strength steels and lightweight floor materials, an extremely low tare weight has been achieved.

The precise specification of our 45ft pallet-wide container can be modified to meet differing needs. The height and width can be varied to meet customers’ need or restrictions on certain routes. And while our standard stacking height capabilities exceed most shortsea users’ requirements, these can be uprated if necessary.

Efficiency on all levels of environment and infrastructure. Reduce costs and carbon footprint using 45ft dry containers. Its modified floor structure also makes the 45ft dry container suitable for chassis, as used in road haulage. All our 45ft dry containers are equipped with a gooseneck tunnel therefore in combination with a gooseneck chassis the unit remains within the legally permitted maximum height of 4 meters on the road with a 9'6" high container.

All UNIT45 containers are road-legal throughout the EU and are also well suited for transport on cellular (shortsea) and non-cellular container ships, ro-ro vessels, inland waterway barges and rail wagons due to their chamfered corner post and euro corner castings.

UNIT45 design is constantly revised to take account of new technology, materials and environment as they become available and proven in service. Our 45ft dry containers are made with an environmentally friendly bamboo floor and all our 45ft containers are painted with waterborne paint.

Our 45ft containers can be bought, rented or leased for a certain period. When you send us your enquiry a suitable offer will be made for you. After your acceptance of the offer, the order process is started. Depending on your order, the 45ft containers are especially made in your corporate identity colors and/or decals or directly available from stock in case you wish to rent/lease or buy our containers. After signature of the contract or payment in case of purchase, the containers are released at the depot Rotterdam, depending on availability.

The 45ft special dry containers are available in various special versions and all are suitable for intermodal transport of cargo on rail, road and sea. 


External dimensions
  • Length: 13,716 mm
  • Width: 2,500 mm
  • Height: 2,896 mm
Internal dimensions
  • Length: 13,504 mm
  • Width: 2,438 mm
  • Height: 2,667 mm
  • Cubic capacity: 87,8
  • Euro pallet: 33
  • ISO pallet: 26
  • Gross weight: 34,000 kgs
  • Tarra weight: 4,510 kgs
  • Max Payload: 29,490 kgs